Terms and Conditions

I. General Rules


1. Using Service

In order to use the service with Auction World, the user must agree with the Terms and Conditions. By using our service , the user is automatically considered to agree with the Terms and Conditions.


2.Authenticity Guarantee

All items exhibited on our auction are identified by our specialists or third companies. We guarantee that all items are genuine unless there is no description of reference item, non-returnable, nor specific description.


3.Guarantee and Changes of Services

We do not guarantee that there is not any defects on the web site and services we provide. Also we may change or stop any contents and specifications of services without a notice.



II. Bidding


1.How to Bid

i. By Online: Register on our web site. You need to enter the customer information to join the auction.

ii. By E-mail: Send us an E-mail with descriptions what you want and bid price. The bid is realized when we send back the confirmation mail.

iii. By FAX: Send us the Commission Bid Form with our paper-catalogue by FAX. The bid is realized when we have confirmed with the user.

iv. By Telephone: Contact us. Japanese、 Chinese and English are available.

v. To avoid confusion, please choose one method from above.

vi. If there is equivalence bid, the first arrival is valid. In addition, any bid which is not following the bid increment will be truncated.


2. We will be contact the user for confirmation of the user information. 

I. Online Auction

       Price (Yen)

    Bid Increment

        ~  10k


      10k to lower than 50k


      50k to lower than 500k


     500k to lower than 1mil


      1mil to lower than 5mil


    5mil to lower than 10mil


       from 10mil



ii. Live&Online  Auction

       Price (Yen)

   Bid Increment (Yen)

         ~ 20k


       20k ~ 100k


      100k ~ 200k


    200k ~ 1mil


    1mil ~ 2mil


    2mil ~ 10mil


    10 mil ~



3. There is a case that bid is invalid by our decision.


4-1.Bid Increment

We have online auctions and onlinelive auctions. The user can join any our auctions fromwww.auction-world.co.


4-2. On the onlinelive auction, you can make a cut-bid (bidding for half increment) once for each lot. Cut-bid is also available to online participants by the live-bid screen on the website.



5. Bid Authority

Bid authority is the limitation of total amount for your bidding. The user will automatically gain the bid authority of 1million yen. 

If you want to bid over amount of your bid authority, you need to pay deposit. Your bid authority in this case is multiplied by 50 to the deposit. The unit of the deposit increment is 50k.

Example: Deposit 50k yen = 2.5mil Bid Authority

                            Deposit100k yen = 5mil Bid Authority

If you paid the deposit and you did not made the successful bids, the deposit will be refunded. The fees occurred in this process should be paid by the user. Please contact us if we and the user are acquainted with each other. You might gain more bid authority without deposit.


6. If there is a problem (lot removed, miss description, etc.) on the item, your bid might be invalid. When problems occurred on the auction, we have all rights of decision for solving problems.


7. Your bid cannot be cancelled without correct reason.


8. Make sure not to mistake setting price for your bid. Responsibility of the bid is belongs to the bidder and any misbid cannot be cancelled or changed.


9. Transaction Fee

When you made successful bid, the bidder pays 10% of the bid price for the transaction fee, and 10% of the fee for consumption tax.


                            Bid price            10,000Yen

Successful bid commission            1,000Yen

                                    Tax         … 100Yen

                                  Total         … 11,100Yen

In the case of delivery in Japan, 1,000Yen(Okinawa & Remote island 2,000Yen) will be charged additionally as per parcel.

If it is necessary to ship out of Japan, the shipping fee will be borne by the bidder.


10. Payment

i. Please make all payment with JPY within14 days from the sale closed.  Cost of money transfer and shipping expenses will be borne by the bidder. 

ii. If the bidder do not make all payment regardless of the 14 days have passed, the qualification of joining our auction might be cancelled.


iii. Payee Bank Account

Please transfer money to the following bank account (When you use bank transfer, except the fee when you transfer in your country, our bank will need your transfer fee of 5,000JPY. We accept JPY only).

BANK CODE : 0009

BANK PHONE : 03-3436-2781

Also, you can visit our office to pay and receive your goods. Please contact us.

You can make your payment by PayPal too . If you use PayPal, you need to pay PayPal money transfer fee(4.4% of total amount) as well.

11. Shipping

If we receive none of request, purchase goods will be shipped to the registered address. Shipping fee in Japan is 1,000yen uniformly. The shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

12. Please receive purchase goods earlier as possible. If the goods is not received within 30 days from the sale, you will be charged storage fee.


13. Return

We will accept returns only within 30 days from the sale, except in the case of the following.

i. The condition of the item has been significantly changed.

ii. The buyer previewed the item before bid.

iii. There is a description of non-returnable or special notes.

iv. Payment has not been made within 14days from the sale.

v. Mis bid.

vi. The slab case (PCGS, NGC, etc.) of the item has been broken.

vii. Returns without specific reason.

viii. The reason lacks legitimacy.


14. The description on each item is written for reference of participant and it does not guarantee evidence of the item’s price. Also images of each item do not guarantee the color, condition of the item. We are not responsible to the legal by the description of the catalogue . Please check items directly in the preview if it is possible, and join the auction at the participant’s own discretion and responsibility.


15. We, and the exhibitor are not responsible to damages, repairs and defects of items. We will not accept return by the reason of damages, repairs and defects even if it is in returnable period.



III. Consignment


1. Overseas consignment

  Basically, we accept consignment in Japan Only.

  As for overseas consignment, we can only accept overseas consignment when the consigners follow Japanese law (including Japan customs’  law ) and pay for all the fee when consigners deliver the consignment (including delivery fee to our company and the consumption fee at the customs which is 10% of declared value and delivery fee).

 Our handling fee is 11%, but if the hammer fee is below 5,000Yen per lot, the handling fee will be 500 Yen per lot.

2. Reserved Price

i. If you want to set reserved price on an item, please fill the price field as we can tell. 


ii. Reserved price includes the transaction fee.(If the item is sold for the reserved price of 100k yen, you will receive90k, deducting 10% fee.)


iii. If you set reserved price, 5% of the reserved price will be occurred for the unsuccessful bid fee. The least fee amount is 550 yen. 


iv. We may start the sale from lower than the reserve price, however, even if the item has ended without reaching there served price, we will receive the unsuccessful bid fee.


v. If you fill the price field with description like “Start from” or “Asking Price”, it will considered as are served price.


vi. The unsuccessful-bid fee won’t be charged without setting reserve price.


3. The reserve price must be at least 1,000yen. If you are willing to sell items collectively, we will group them in specific lot at our decision.


4.  The item will be published through the assessment. The item that is determined as unqualified will be excluded from the auction and send back the exhibitor. The shipping fee will be borne by the exhibitor.


5. The exhibition fee is the following.

Exhibition commission = Cost-free

Successful bid commission = 10% of the bid price (tax not included)



                             Bid price … 10,000yen

Successful bid commission … 1,000yen

                                   Tax  … 100yen

                                  Total … 11,100yen


6. Liquidation

The payment to the exhibitor will be made after receiving payment from the bidder and passing the return period. In principle, it will be after 30 days from the auction. We will send you the price after deducting the commission fee and related expenses by the method desired by the exhibitor. The expenses will be borne by the exhibitor.


7. The shipping fee of unsuccessful bid item will be borne by the exhibitor.


IV. Others


1. Limitation of Service Usage

We may put limitations of service usage to who has been registered on www.auction-world.co, or who are over a certain age ,or who meets certain requirements through a procedure such as identification and so on. In addition, we refuse members of anti-social group (including who was in the past),and who abuse our service, and who annoy other users.


2. Registration

If you register on Auction World, you are responsible for 1.registering true and correct information, 2. keeping the information newest.


3. Responsibility of ID and Password

Once your ID is signed in with correct password, we will assume it as using by the customer him/herself, and we have aright to claim any fees and costs which is occurred on your account. So please make sure your account not to be used by others.


4. Compliance of Service

We will ban following acts, including preparing or inducing for those :

i. Illegal acts in Japan or your country.

ii. To post, send or publish that is against social norms or public order and morality, or that invades rights of other people.

iii. To post offensive programs which harm softwares or hardwares of others.

iv. To disturb or destroy our servers or network.

v. To disturb our service or advertisement which are provided on any media.

vi. To obtain or accumulate other users’ information without our permission.

vii. Incorrect acts against purposes of our services.

viii. To use accounts of other users.

ix. To obtain or publish ID or password of other users.

x. Regardless of whether directly or indirectly, to give benefits to anti social groups.


5. Abusing the Service

If we believe that you use our service or datas beyond the purpose of providing, we have a right to forbid it and to claim the equivalent you obtained for it.


6. Compensation

If any fees or costs, or compensations is occurred with objections due to the user, It (including attorney’s fee) will be borne by the user.


7. We will not be responsible to back up datas or contents on the server. If maintenance or improvement of the system is necessary, we may copy data of users on the server to the extent necessary.


8. Advertisement

We may place advertisement of Auction World or third party on any our contents.


9. Contact

If you are going to contact with us, you may use the specified query page or e-mail address. In principle we will answer queries only by e-mail.


10. Prohibition of transfer rights and obligations

You cannot transfer your rights and obligations which are occurred with the contract under the Terms and Condition to other persons without the written permission.


11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Establishment, effectiveness and interpretation of this Terms and Condition are governed by the laws of Japan. Also, in the case that dispute arises between the user and us, the Tokyo District Court will be the jurisdiction.


12. Restriction of Term

If description of this Terms and Conditions is against laws applied on the user by the contract, relevant parts will not be applied to the user. However, the other terms are still valid.


(Implement on 1st June, 2015)

(Revised on 27th April, 2016)

(Revised on 2nd December, 2016 )

(Revised on 25th September, 2020)