★“Coin“ in this page means crown size coin or smaller coin in slab.
★If you need insurance for shipping, you need to pay an extra( 0.4% of hammer fee&buyer‘s premium)

No Country Shipping method 1~2 coins 3~7 coins 8~15 coins
1AfghanistanEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
2AfghanistanRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
3AfghanistanUPS7,320 JPY9,960 JPY12,560 JPY
4Aland IslandsEMS---
5Aland IslandsRegistered Mail---
6Aland IslandsUPS---
7AlbaniaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
8AlbaniaRegistered Mail2,270 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
9AlbaniaUPS7,040 JPY9,320 JPY11,560 JPY
10AlgeriaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
11AlgeriaRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
13American SamoaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
14American SamoaRegistered Mail2,670 JPY3,320 JPY3,970 JPY
15American SamoaUPS---
16AndorraEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY6,700 JPY
17AndorraRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
20AngolaRegistered Mail---
22AnguillaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
23AnguillaRegistered Mail2,770 JPY3,370 JPY3,970 JPY
26AntarcticaRegistered Mail---
28Antigua and BarbudaEMS---
29Antigua and BarbudaRegistered Mail---
30Antigua and BarbudaUPS---
31ArgentinaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
32ArgentinaRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
33ArgentinaUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
34ArmeniaEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,800 JPY
35ArmeniaRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
37ArubaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
38ArubaRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
40AustraliaEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
41AustraliaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
42AustraliaUPS4,782 JPY5,105 JPY5,657 JPY
43AustriaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
44AustriaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
45AustriaUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
46AzerbaijanEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
47AzerbaijanRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
49Bahamas, TheEMS---
50Bahamas, TheRegistered Mail---
51Bahamas, TheUPS---
52BahrainEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
53BahrainRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
54BahrainUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
55BangladeshEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
56BangladeshRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
57BangladeshUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
58BarbadosEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
59BarbadosRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
61BelarusEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
62BelarusRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
63BelarusUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
64BelgiumEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
65BelgiumRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
66BelgiumUPS5,500 JPY5,822 JPY6,502 JPY
67BelizeEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
68BelizeRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
70BeninEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
71BeninRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
73BermudaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
74BermudaRegistered Mail2,670 JPY3,320 JPY3,970 JPY
76BhutanEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
77BhutanRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
78BhutanUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
79BoliviaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
80BoliviaRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
81BoliviaUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
82Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and SabaEMS---
83Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and SabaRegistered Mail---
84Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and SabaUPS---
85Bosnia and HerzegovinaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
86Bosnia and HerzegovinaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
87Bosnia and HerzegovinaUPS---
88BotswanaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
89BotswanaRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
91Bouvet IslandEMS---
92Bouvet IslandRegistered Mail---
93Bouvet IslandUPS---
94BrazilEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
95BrazilRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
96BrazilUPS7,347 JPY9,960 JPY12,768 JPY
97British Indian Ocean TerritoryEMS---
98British Indian Ocean TerritoryRegistered Mail---
99British Indian Ocean TerritoryUPS---
100Brunei DarussalamEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
101Brunei DarussalamRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
102Brunei DarussalamUPS---
103BulgariaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
104BulgariaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
105BulgariaUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
106Burkina FasoEMS---
107Burkina FasoRegistered Mail---
108Burkina FasoUPS---
109BurundiEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
110BurundiRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
112CambodiaEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
113CambodiaRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
114CambodiaUPS5,976 JPY6,335 JPY6,724 JPY
115CameroonEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
116CameroonRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
118CanadaEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
119CanadaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
120CanadaUPS4,420 JPY4,808 JPY5,330 JPY
121Cape VerdeEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
122Cape VerdeRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
123Cape VerdeUPS---
124Cayman IslandsEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
125Cayman IslandsRegistered Mail2,670 JPY3,320 JPY3,970 JPY
126Cayman IslandsUPS---
127Central African RepublicEMS---
128Central African RepublicRegistered Mail---
129Central African RepublicUPS---
130ChadEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
131ChadRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
133ChileEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
134ChileRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
135ChileUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
136ChinaEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
137ChinaRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
139Christmas IslandEMS---
140Christmas IslandRegistered Mail---
141Christmas IslandUPS---
142Cocos (Keeling) IslandsEMS---
143Cocos (Keeling) IslandsRegistered Mail---
144Cocos (Keeling) IslandsUPS---
145ColombiaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
146ColombiaRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
147ColombiaUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
149ComorosRegistered Mail---
151CongoEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
152CongoRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
153CongoUPS7,347 JPY9,960 JPY12,768 JPY
154Congo, The Democratic Republic of theEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
155Congo, The Democratic Republic of theRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
156Congo, The Democratic Republic of theUPS---
157Cook IslandsEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
158Cook IslandsRegistered Mail2,670 JPY3,320 JPY3,970 JPY
159Cook IslandsUPS---
160Costa RicaEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
161Costa RicaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
162Costa RicaUPS5,420 JPY5,808 JPY6,330 JPY
163CroatiaEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
164CroatiaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
165CroatiaUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
166CuraçaoEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
167CuraçaoRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
169CyprusEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY6,700 JPY
170CyprusRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
171CyprusUPS4,772 JPY5,111 JPY5,927 JPY
172Czech RepublicEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
173Czech RepublicRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
174Czech RepublicUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
175DenmarkEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
176DenmarkRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
177DenmarkUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
178DjiboutiEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
179DjiboutiRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
181DominicaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
182DominicaRegistered Mail2,670 JPY3,320 JPY3,970 JPY
183DominicaUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
184Dominican RepublicEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
185Dominican RepublicRegistered Mail2,670 JPY3,320 JPY3,970 JPY
186Dominican RepublicUPS---
187EcuadorEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
188EcuadorRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
190EgyptEMS3,400 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
191EgyptRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
192EgyptUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
193El SalvadorEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
194El SalvadorRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
195El SalvadorUPS---
196Equatorial GuineaEMS---
197Equatorial GuineaRegistered Mail---
198Equatorial GuineaUPS---
199EritreaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
200EritreaRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
202EstoniaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
203EstoniaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
205EthiopiaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
206EthiopiaRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
207EthiopiaUPS7,347 JPY9,960 JPY12,768 JPY
208Falkland Islands (Malvinas)EMS---
209Falkland Islands (Malvinas)Registered Mail---
210Falkland Islands (Malvinas)UPS---
211Faroe IslandsEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
212Faroe IslandsRegistered Mail2,670 JPY3,320 JPY3,970 JPY
213Faroe IslandsUPS---
214FijiEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
215FijiRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
216FijiUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
217FinlandEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
218FinlandRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
219FinlandUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
220FranceEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY4,700 JPY
221FranceRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
222FranceUPS6,500 JPY6,822 JPY7,502 JPY
223French GuianaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY4,700 JPY
224French GuianaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
225French GuianaUPS---
226French PolynesiaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
227French PolynesiaRegistered Mail2,670 JPY3,320 JPY3,970 JPY
228French PolynesiaUPS---
229French Southern TerritoriesEMS---
230French Southern TerritoriesRegistered Mail---
231French Southern TerritoriesUPS---
232GabonEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
233GabonRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
235Gambia, TheEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
236Gambia, TheRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
237Gambia, TheUPS---
238GeorgiaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
239GeorgiaRegistered Mail2,270 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
241GermanyEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
242GermanyRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
243GermanyUPS5,500 JPY6,822 JPY6,502 JPY
244GhanaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
245GhanaRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
247GibraltarEMS3,400 JPY4,100 JPY6,700 JPY
248GibraltarRegistered Mail2,670 JPY3,320 JPY3,970 JPY
250GreeceEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
251GreeceRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
252GreeceUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
254GreenlandRegistered Mail---
257GrenadaRegistered Mail---
260GuadeloupeRegistered Mail---
262GuamEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
263GuamRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
264GuamUPS5,782 JPY6,105 JPY6,657 JPY
265GuatemalaEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
266GuatemalaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
269GuernseyRegistered Mail---
271GuineaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
272GuineaRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
275Guinea-BissauRegistered Mail---
277GuyanaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
278GuyanaRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
280HaitiEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
281HaitiRegistered Mail2,670 JPY3,320 JPY3,970 JPY
282HaitiUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
283Heard Island and the McDonald IslandsEMS---
284Heard Island and the McDonald IslandsRegistered Mail---
285Heard Island and the McDonald IslandsUPS---
286Holy SeeEMS---
287Holy SeeRegistered Mail---
288Holy SeeUPS---
289HondurasEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
290HondurasRegistered Mail2,370 JPY3,270 JPY3,720 JPY
292Hong KongEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
293Hong KongRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
294Hong KongUPS---
295HungaryEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
296HungaryRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
297HungaryUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
298IcelandEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
299IcelandRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
301IndiaEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
302IndiaRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
303IndiaUPS5,782 JPY6,105 JPY6,657 JPY
304IndonesiaEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
305IndonesiaRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
306IndonesiaUPS5,565 JPY5,664 JPY5,709 JPY
307IraqEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
308IraqRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
309IraqUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
310IrelandEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
311IrelandRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
312IrelandUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
313Isle of ManEMS---
314Isle of ManRegistered Mail---
315Isle of ManUPS---
316IsraelEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
317IsraelRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
318IsraelUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
319ItalyEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
320ItalyRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
321ItalyUPS5,500 JPY5,822 JPY6,502 JPY
322JamaicaEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
323JamaicaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
324JamaicaUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
325JapanEMS700 JPY--
326JapanRegistered Mail1,700 JPY--
328JordanEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
329JordanRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
331KazakhstanEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
332KazakhstanRegistered Mail2,150 JPY2,600 JPY3,050 JPY
334KenyaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
335KenyaRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
338KiribatiRegistered Mail---
341KosovoRegistered Mail---
343KuwaitEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
344KuwaitRegistered Mail2,370 JPY3,270 JPY3,720 JPY
345KuwaitUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
346KyrgyzstanEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
347KyrgyzstanRegistered Mail2,050 JPY2,500 JPY2,950 JPY
349LatviaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
350LatviaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
352LebanonEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
353LebanonRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
354LebanonUPS7,347 JPY9,960 JPY12,768 JPY
355LesothoEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
356LesothoRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
358LiberiaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
359LiberiaRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
361LibyaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
362LibyaRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
364LiechtensteinEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
365LiechtensteinRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
367LithuaniaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
368LithuaniaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
369LithuaniaUPS7,347 JPY9,960 JPY13,768 JPY
370LuxembourgEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
371LuxembourgRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
372LuxembourgUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
373MacaoEMS1,400 JPY2,100 JPY2,700 JPY
374MacaoRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
376Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic ofEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
377Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic ofRegistered Mail2,270 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
378Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic ofUPS---
379MadagascarEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
380MadagascarRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
382MalawiEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
383MalawiRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
385MalaysiaEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
386MalaysiaRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
387MalaysiaUPS5,565 JPY5,664 JPY5,709 JPY
388MaldivesEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
389MaldivesRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
391MaliEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
392MaliRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
394MaltaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
395MaltaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
397Marshall IslandsEMS---
398Marshall IslandsRegistered Mail---
399Marshall IslandsUPS---
401MartiniqueRegistered Mail---
403MauritaniaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
404MauritaniaRegistered Mail2,540 JPY3,440 JPY4,340 JPY
406MauritiusEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
407MauritiusRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
410MayotteRegistered Mail---
412MexicoEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
413MexicoRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
414MexicoUPS5,420 JPY5,808 JPY6,330 JPY
415Micronesia, Federated States ofEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
416Micronesia, Federated States ofRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
417Micronesia, Federated States ofUPS---
418MonacoEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY4,500 JPY
419MonacoRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
421MongoliaEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
422MongoliaRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
423MongoliaUPS5,976 JPY6,335 JPY6,724 JPY
424MontenegroEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
425MontenegroRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
426MontenegroUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
427MyanmarEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
428MyanmarRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
429MyanmarUPS5,565 JPY5,664 JPY5,709 JPY
430NepalEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
431NepalRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
432NepalUPS5,782 JPY6,105 JPY6,657 JPY
433NetherlandsEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
434NetherlandsRegistered Mail2,270 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
435NetherlandsUPS5,500 JPY5,822 JPY6,502 JPY
436New CaledoniaEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
437New CaledoniaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY347 JPY
438New CaledoniaUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
439New ZealandEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
440New ZealandRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
441New ZealandUPS5,782 JPY6,105 JPY6,657 JPY
442NorwayEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
443NorwayRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
444NorwayUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
445OmanEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
446OmanRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
447OmanUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
448PakistanEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
449PakistanRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
450PakistanUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
451PhilippinesEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
452PhilippinesRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
453PhilippinesUPS5,565 JPY5,664 JPY5,709 JPY
454PolandEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
455PolandRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
456PolandUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
457PortugalEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
458PortugalRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
459PortugalUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
460Republic of KoreaEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
461Republic of KoreaRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
462Republic of KoreaUPS5,400 JPY5,553 JPY5,688 JPY
463Republic of MoldovaEMS---
464Republic of MoldovaRegistered Mail---
465Republic of MoldovaUPS---
466RomaniaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
467RomaniaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
468RomaniaUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
469Russian FederationEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
470Russian FederationRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
471Russian FederationUPS7,347 JPY9,960 JPY12,768 JPY
472San MarinoEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
473San MarinoRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
474San MarinoUPS5,500 JPY5,822 JPY6,502 JPY
475Saudi ArabiaEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
476Saudi ArabiaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
477Saudi ArabiaUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
478SerbiaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
479SerbiaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
480SerbiaUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
481SingaporeEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
482SingaporeRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
483SingaporeUPS5,565 JPY5,664 JPY5,709 JPY
484SlovakiaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
485SlovakiaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
486SlovakiaUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
487SloveniaEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
488SloveniaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
490South AfricaEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
491South AfricaRegistered Mail2,270 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
492South AfricaUPS7,347 JPY9,960 JPY12,768 JPY
493SpainEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
494SpainRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
495SpainUPS5,500 JPY5,822 JPY6,502 JPY
496SwazilandEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
497SwazilandRegistered Mail2,270 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
498SwazilandUPS7,347 JPY9,960 JPY12,768 JPY
499SwedenEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
500SwedenRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
501SwedenUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
502SwitzerlandEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
503SwitzerlandRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
504SwitzerlandUPS5,772 JPY6,111 JPY6,927 JPY
505TaiwanEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
506TaiwanRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
508Tanzania, United Republic ofEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
509Tanzania, United Republic ofRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
510Tanzania, United Republic ofUPS---
511ThailandEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
512ThailandRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
513ThailandUPS5,565 JPY5,664 JPY5,709 JPY
515Timor-lesteRegistered Mail---
517TogoEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
518TogoRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
521TokelauRegistered Mail---
523TongaEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
524TongaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY3,270 JPY3,720 JPY
526Trinidad and TobagoEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
527Trinidad and TobagoRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
528Trinidad and TobagoUPS---
529TunisiaEMS3,400 JPY4,100 JPY6,700 JPY
530TunisiaRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
531TunisiaUPS7,347 JPY9,960 JPY12,768 JPY
532TurkeyEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
533TurkeyRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
534TurkeyUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
535TurkmenistanEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
536TurkmenistanRegistered Mail2,050 JPY2,500 JPY2,950 JPY
537TurkmenistanUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
538Turks and Caicos IslandsEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
539Turks and Caicos IslandsRegistered Mail2,670 JPY3,320 JPY3,970 JPY
540Turks and Caicos IslandsUPS---
542TuvaluRegistered Mail---
544UgandaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
545UgandaRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
546UgandaUPS5,347 JPY7,960 JPY10,768 JPY
547UkraineEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
548UkraineRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
549UkraineUPS7,347 JPY9,960 JPY12,768 JPY
550United Arab EmiratesEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
551United Arab EmiratesRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
552United Arab EmiratesUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
553United KingdomEMS3,200 JPY4,200 JPY5,100 JPY
554United KingdomRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
555United KingdomUPS5,500 JPY5,822 JPY6,502 JPY
556United StatesEMS4,000 JPY4,900 JPY5,700 JPY
557United StatesRegistered Mail2,670 JPY3,320 JPY3,970 JPY
558United StatesUPS6,420 JPY6,808 JPY7,330 JPY
559United States Minor Outlying IslandsEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
560United States Minor Outlying IslandsRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
561United States Minor Outlying IslandsUPS---
562UruguayEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
563UruguayRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
565UzbekistanEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
566UzbekistanRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
567UzbekistanUPS7,347 JPY9,960 JPY12,768 JPY
568VanuatuEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
569VanuatuRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
571VenezuelaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
572VenezuelaRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
574VietnamEMS2,400 JPY3,100 JPY3,700 JPY
575VietnamRegistered Mail2,160 JPY2,860 JPY3,210 JPY
576VietnamUPS5,565 JPY5,664 JPY5,709 JPY
577Virgin Islands, BritishEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
578Virgin Islands, BritishRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
579Virgin Islands, BritishUPS---
580Virgin Islands, U.S.EMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
581Virgin Islands, U.S.Registered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
582Virgin Islands, U.S.UPS---
583Wallis and FutunaEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
584Wallis and FutunaRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
585Wallis and FutunaUPS---
586Western SaharaEMS---
587Western SaharaRegistered Mail---
588Western SaharaUPS---
589YemenEMS3,000 JPY3,900 JPY4,700 JPY
590YemenRegistered Mail2,370 JPY2,870 JPY3,470 JPY
591YemenUPS7,070 JPY9,356 JPY11,640 JPY
592ZambiaEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
593ZambiaRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
594ZambiaUPS7,347 JPY9,960 JPY12,768 JPY
595ZimbabweEMS3,400 JPY5,100 JPY6,700 JPY
596ZimbabweRegistered Mail2,660 JPY3,860 JPY4,460 JPY
597ZimbabweUPS7,347 JPY9,960 JPY12,768 JPY